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Srinagar Culture
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Srinagar Culture


The culture, language, and traditions of Srinagar reflect a life that of a typical any contemporary, regional Indian town. It has to exhibit much uniqueness with customs, traditions, climate and folklore of the territory, the landscape where it sits. Mostly, the Himalayan Hills are still a maiden mountain space, so different, so natural, simple and very much mystic. Yet a very cosmopolitan Indian culture of Srinagar places this Himalayan valley, the ancient Garhwal Capital differently.

The very Himalayan culture intermixed with Lower Northern & Upper Western India's cultures, presence of Nath Sect in olden times, being headquarter to Uttarakhand's some prominent socio-cultural movements, creations in form of paintings (later and now known as Garhwal Paintings) and poetry from famous Garhwal Artists such as Jwalaram and Molaram providing better insights, all these speak of and tell you about Culture of Srinagar. Languages spoken in Srinagar are mainly Garhwali, Hindi, Punjabi and English.

The Pahari Srinagar Today

Basically, the Pahari languages and culture, the Garhwali diaspora represents the town on the top. At the present day, yet a limited room for industrial activity, limited employment opportunities, migration to urban centres and metros for a better job prospective and earning, all these attribute to affecting the Socio-Cultural fabric noticeably.

On the other hand, understandably as Srinagar was Garhwal Capital for a long time, activities and efforts in the fields of Astrology, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, Painting, Garhwal Literature and Composition & Manifestation of Garhwal Culture have taken place here.

And as a whole, the people of Srinagar as a part of Garhwal Himalaya share this heritage in their life styles, which root with their tough economic and hardworking day-to-day life, their work culture and faith. Eventually at present, with being home to HNB Garhwal University and other number of Educational institutions, Srinagar has been successful to retain the Cultural and Educational glory of past to an extent.