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:: Air ::
Nearest Airport:
Jolly Grant, Dehradun
149 kms.

:: Rail ::
Nearest Railhead:
108 kms.
132 kms.

:: Road ::
National Highway - 58 [Delhi - Badrinath]

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Srinagar History Timeline
PrehistoricSrinagar mentioned as Sri Kshetra
in Skand Purana under Kedar Khand
PrehistoricSrinagar mentioned as Sri Kshetra &
Sudarashan Kshetra in Sanatkumar Samhita
PrehistoricSrinagar mentioned as a kingdom under
Reign of Kirat king Subahu,
(Mahabharat: Van Parva, Adhyay 140)
Feudal Era
1358 A.D.Garhwal came under
Reign of Maharaj Ajaypal

King Ajay Pal of the Parmar dynasty ascends the throne of Chandpur principality. Originally from present day Gujarat, Ajay Pal succeeds in conquering and uniting all 52 Garhs or forts and becomes the first overlord of a united Garhwal. He transfers his court to Srinagar, which persists as capital until 1803. After complete unification, Ajay Pal, like Ashoka, develops a distaste for warfare and pursues a spiritual life.

As adapted from the works of A.S. Rawat of Kumaon University and V.R. Trivedi

1517 A.D.Srinagar founded as Garhwal capital and
remained the capital till 1803 A.D.,
under Panwar dynasty
1624 A.D.Antonio De Andrade, the first
Jesuit Missionary to reach Srinagar

Jesuit priests from Europe - Antonio de Andrade and Manuel Marques - crossed Mana Pass to Guge in Tsaparang province in Tibet in 1624. In more recent times mountaineers have been visiting and climbing in this area for many years.

1743 A.D.Birth of Mola Ram,
the Famous artist of Srinagar & Garhwal
September 8, 1803A devastating earth-quake causing
a heavy damage and casuality
1803 A.D.Gorkhas invaded Srinagar
May 14, 1804The last emperor of Panwar dynasty,
King Pradyumanshah died at Dehradun
on the battleground, fighting against Gorkhas

Gurkha attack Garhwal in strength. King Pradyumna Shah is dislodged from Srinagar and retreats across the Alaknanda River. Defeated again at Barahat, Uttar Kashi, Pradyumna Shah falls back towards the plains. At the Garhwali kingdom's final stand near Dehra Dun, the King dies with most of his men.

As adapted from the works of A.S. Rawat of Kumaon University and V.R. Trivedi

1833 A.D.Death of Mola Ram,
the famous Garhwal artist
1840 A.D.British Garhwal's headquarters
shifted to Pauri from Srinagar
1889 A.D.Srinagar Town Area Committee formed
August 26, 1894The Virahi floods devastated and
destroyed entire old Srinagar
May 4, 1938Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Vijayalakshmi Pandit arrived at Sringar.
Visited the highschool on 5th May and
addressed a big gathering in the town.
1957 A.D.Srinagar Notified Area devised
1966 A.D.Indira Gandhi's first visit to Srinagar
1968 A.D.Srinagar Nagarpalika (Municipality Corporation) constituted
July 20, 1970Belakuchi floods devastating Srinagar badly
October 1, 1973Indira Gandhi declared to establish
Garhwal University in Srinagar
November 3, 1973Freedom Fighters felicitated and awarded by
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister
December 1, 1973Garhwal University founded
September 26, 1977Sir Edmund Hillary reached Srinagar
in boat(through Alaknanda) during his
'From the Ocean to the Sky' expedition

".... The river so beautiful, the water so clean, the mountains so majestic, the surroundings so green...."
The Alaknanda river, on which Sir. Edmund Hillary undertook his 'Ocean to Sky' jet boat expedition, emanates high in the Himalayas and has a pristine rafting stretch through a beautiful gorge.

1979 A.D.Indira Gandhi in her 3rd visit to Srinagar
1981 A.D.Indira Gandhi's public address at G.I.T.I., Srinagar in an election campaign
June 25, 1984Foundation of 200 Bed Hospital at Srikot, Srinagar
by Indira Gandhi
December 9, 1984Rajeev Gandhi's public address at
G.I.T.I., Srinagar in his first visit
November 10, 1995Death of two revolutionaries of
Uttarakhand Andolan at
Sri Yantra Tapoo, at Alaknanda river,
in firing by Police force.
November 9, 2000A bifurcated new state of
Uttaranchal came into being
June 6, 2003Foundation of Srikot Medical College by
Uttaranchal Chief Minister,
Shri N. D. Tiwari
Source: Srinagar Nagarpalika & various publications