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Srinagar, a forsaken historic era or
a new Jewel of Uttarakhand...

A rare painting by famous Srinagar artist Jwalaram

Home to H N Bahuguna Garhwal University (formerly Garhwal University), Srinagar is situated on the banks of Alaknanda river. Srinagar was the capital of Garhwal before the arrival of British rule. Srinagar received its name from Sri Yantra. It is believed that with an objective of killing Kalasura ( a demon) 'Sri Yantra' was established on a slab here and Goddess killed the demon at a nearby place Kaliyasaur. Long ago hundreds of tantric adepts especially those belonging to the tradition of Sri Vidya did their practices here. Tantrik practices including human sacrifice prevailed until 8th Century when Adi Shankaracharya displaced this slab and hurled it into the Alaknanda river. This slab remains the most significant shrine in this area lying in the riverbed on the town outskirts. It is regarded as a living Sri Yantra, the most complex of all yantras. Here tantrics propitiated the Divine Mother in the form of Sri Vidya.

With a population of over 40,000 at present day, it's a historical saga on other hand. Devotion and worship, mythology and spirituality, education and learning, and, art, culture and traditions have painted the city with soul catching colors. Srinagar at an immediate knowledge, founded by King Ajay Pal in 14th century, it remained capital of Garhwal for over 300 years, Srinagar offers simply a view of a moderate sized typical mountain town, bigger than other mountainous towns, with slopes and descending - ascending lanes and streets, sights of tall trees, green paddies and colorful horizons with criss-crossed hills and peaks all around. It offers a fresh air to view scattered townships, buildings, temples, monuments and above all the sneaking, rushing Alaknanda, another tributary of mighty holy Ganga, the legendary river, rather a mother Ganga for every Indian.

As Srinagar is a proud place for its every citizen and for a curious traveler sticking around for a while, it makes us to feel the place with different feelings. As Srinagar is a historical saga on Garhwal's past and present, it boasts of a thriving antiquity, myths, mystery and epical poems of times immemorial.

Heritage Srinagar

In ancient times, personalities, saints and legendary like Kalidas, Saint Ramanuja, Guru Gorakhnath, Tulsidas, Shankaracharya, Rishabhdev, Swami Vivekanand and many other known, unknown, visible or disguised have blessed this place with their significant presence and stay. Being important in spiritual and religious texts & verses, it firmly establishes why it is so not just because of if only mythological fact is there. There is much lying beneath.

Srinagar, if we perceive holistically, offers some distinct possibilities and conditions, which are not easily found and felt amid dominating mountain-scape & criss-crossed hills. A serious concern and a painful voice speaks out loud as the city of today with glorious past leaves much, very much to be desired, at present.

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