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Garhwal History & Srinagar

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Srinagar and Garhwal are interwowen with each other. Let us have a little look at a compilation of sentiments and expressions by a veteran Srinagari Ramaprasad Ghildiyal, compiled by Shri Dharmanand Uniyal, Journalist - Historian, Srinagar. The soulful sentiments convey us a lot about the Hills and Valley of Srinagar, hamlets and legacy of Garhwal, which all happen to engage Srinagar dynamically.

Randomly, remembering the years of early 1900s, he recalls those days of Garhwal Soldiers' participation in World War-I. Ramaprasad acknolwedges the faith and devotion of people, their faith in the supreme, faith in Badri Vishal, as he noticed them heading for their duty at regular interval at the World War-I, chanting 'Badri Vishal Ki Jai' (Lord Badrinath! Thy are great!)! Many soldiers, he could met in the barracks were those from generations of his mother or even earlier. He remembers the years during 1900-1920, those discussions and talks between his father and some Srinagar personalities, their concerns and thoughts about the heritage and legacy of Srinagar which motivated him deeply.

This was a crucial period and prime time, kind of awakening for Garhwal, and, Srinagar was playing very crucial role in this evolution. This is why the culture and people of Garhwal have 'Srinagar' imprinted upon them. The typical Garhwal folklore and rural life are much influenced by Srinagar and its culture. Srinagar, when established as capital of Garhwal, covered the Alaknanda territory from Devprayag uptill Rudraprayag. People inhabitated few miles on both the sides along this Alaknannda track of some 40-50 miles length. This is precisely a chief, Central Garhwal region where the culture, language, traditions flourished during 14th century and onwards. Pauri & Tehri (representing Pauri Garhwal and Tehri Garhwal respectively) were very much the participants and candidates of Srinagar era.

After manifestation and emerging of Garhwal culture, all those small, big, scattered and seperate divisions, different villages and hamlets started reciprocating oneness and commonness among them which was the perfect reflection of this entire valley. They all resembled to the one, the One Garhwal, the Pahar.

Heritage Srinagar

In ancient times, personalities, saints and legendary like Kalidas, Saint Ramanuja, Guru Gorakhnath, Tulsidas, Shankaracharya, Rishabhdev, Swami Vivekanand and many other known, unknown, visible or disguised have blessed this place with their significant presence and stay. Being important in spiritual and religious texts & verses, it firmly establishes why it is so not just because of if only mythological fact is there. There is much lying beneath.

Srinagar, if we perceive holistically, offers some distinct possibilities and conditions, which are not easily found and felt amid dominating mountain-scape & criss-crossed hills. A serious concern and a painful voice speaks out loud as the city of today with glorious past leaves much, very much to be desired, at present.

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